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Hooray for the Red Sox

Would you believe I had no idea the World Series was going on, and I only know now because of a technology blog? (Actually, based on my previous post, maybe you would believe it.) You know the real, true sports fans who put their hearts and souls into loving their teams; their lives are consumed […]


Apple’s Leopard arrives in San Francisco | CNET “The free coffee went quickly, but the first 500 people in line were given T-shirts to mark the occasion.” P.S. I’m pretty sure I’m the guy on the stairs in the picture halfway down the article.


Go to my author page (and if your participating, by all means add me as a writing buddy). This is where, starting next month, you can track my progress towards the 50,000-word goal. Place your bets now on whether or not you think I’ll make it.

Midnight Links

Some worthwhile sites. Literally, A Web Log From Nigeria, With Love Thank you, and good night.